About the Company

VeryVip is a service allowing you to orderi premium services at airports around the world. Direct relationships with more than 300 airports allow ensuring a high level of the service.  

VeryVip offers its customers a wide range of serveces to choose from at the airport of origin. 

  • VIP Service. You will be given exclusive access to comfortable VIP Lounges with apartments for recreation, meeting rooms, a bar and a kitchen. Also you will be able to check in for the flight and have your baggage clearance right in the VIP Lounge, as well as going through passport and customs control in a prioritized order.   
  • Access to Business Lounges. The service includes accomodation in a comfortable Business Lounge, catering, bar, and free Wi-Fi. 
  • Fast Track. The service provides expedited clearance in all pre-flight formalities in the company of an assistant. The service also includes a personal reception and seeing-off of passengers. 
  • Meet & Assist. Includes undergoing all pre-flight check in procedures in the general line accompanied by an assistant. The service also includes meeting and seeing-off of passengers.

Realizing the value of travel, we take the right approach to organizing VIP services to ensure that your stay in airports is most comfortable

Our representatives in Moscow airports give an extensive support and assistance in resolving any issues arising in connection with passenger services. We are building up long-term relationships with airports and ensure direct control of the quality of services. 

Customer care
We accept orders and provide round-the-clock support to our customers 7 days a week

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the right destination, pay for the service and get instant confirmation in real time